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The web agency has a confirmed expertise in the fields of visibility and communication on the Internet. Specialized in the creation of efficient and aesthetical websites like Blogone to name one example, the work of an agency is no longer limited to this task, as it is also supposed to help acquire contacts and generate more sales.

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The custom-made website that suits your business

The realization of custom-made websites can be necessary for a company to stand out from the competition and target new customers. Website design is an added value for the company.

The custom website Rochester Universalist, for example, is an adequate and efficient solution for his company because it meets his specific needs. While some companies will need an e-commerce site for the sale of products online, others may be satisfied with a showcase site that presents the company’s activity but also serves as a point of contact for customers.

The graphic and ergonomic design of a custom website takes into account the digital image of the company because it must be aligned with the overall strategy and respect, among other things, the graphic charter already in place. The web interfaces are thus better adapted to the needs.

Communication consulting services

Development of a global communication strategy in digital marketing, graphic design, events and video… are all services offered by our web agency. The graphic design of the site goes with the creation of logos, the definition of its graphic charter up to the printing of its commercial supports.


Interactive communication


Interactive communication

Establish a special relationship with prospects

The e mailing campaign


The e-mailing campaign

Quickly reach a large sample of Internet users

Web marketing tools


Web marketing tools

Manage your entire digital marketing effectively


The keywords of your notoriety!

An SEO strategy for a website can be done solely on the basis of natural SEO or combined with another paying method (SEA) for more performance.

Google SEO, like other search engines, has its own algorithm to rank the search results. We have used our experience to reference the Forever France website on google while respecting certain rules in the first pages, knowing that the majority of Internet users do not move to the second page in their search. It is therefore necessary to think about visibility with the first page as the objective.

The keywords you choose must be relevant, in relation to your activity and your clientele. Your web pages must contain the keywords that best describe your business and their use must not be arbitrary in the content. Semantics must always be respected.